Insider: Hobnobbing With the Other Side

Coffee has always had a place in my life–mainly to wake me up in the morning. But Sema Bal changed all that on a recent trip to Woodhaven, Queens. As I sat in the home of the “Coffee Whisperer,” I will admit I was nervous. A self-proclaimed psychic-junkie, I have had dozens of readings, but this one seemed different. I discovered Sema while watching an episode of The Real Housewives of New York City and had goose pimples for hours afterwards. She seemingly “nailed” message after message that appeared inside of a demitasse cup. I wasn’t the only one who was fascinated by her skills; her waiting list now sits well into the end of 2016 given her new found Housewives fame.

The first thing to note about Sema is her warm, calm, and nurturing demeanor. There is a humble familiarity within her, something that instantly eased my nerves. As we sat around her dining room table (there were two others sitting with me) sipping on the somewhat strong, but aromatic drink and noshing on rainbow cookies, it seemed more like a girl’s day than a reading into my future. As I reached the bottom of my cup, I was instructed to put the saucer over the top, flip it, and circle it as I concentrated all my positive energy into it. As we sat for another five minutes, chatting, I could not help but be consumed with what would be shown in her fine china. The great reveal had me baffled and awestruck. Again, without delving into specifics about people, places, and situations, I share the following paraphrased highlights from my reading:

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