Prepare for your reading

First time having your cup read? Here's what to expect and how to prepare for your appointment.

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schedule your reading

While each reading is unique to the individual, Sema's readings usually last 45-60 mins per person. You begin by sipping on a cup of coffee (Skype readings Sema will drink the coffee) and connecting your energy with Sema.  


set your intention

Think about the purpose of your reading. Are you looking for closure or guidance? Try not to focus on an exact answer but a journey or a direction you want the reading to go. For help try a guided meditation and do this 1-2 days before your reading.


release expectations & let go

The best readings come to those who are relaxed and open. If you tense up or "block" your energy even the most gifted people will have trouble picking up on your energy. 3-4 hours before your reading it is best to relax with a warm bath, a good laugh or a guided meditation. Whatever your go-to method for relaxation is, do it.

please come to your appointment with a clear mind and body. no use of alcohol or recreational drugs before/during your reading.