December 2017 - March 2018: Please note that there will be no in-office readings at this time. However, Skype readings will be available at a discounted rate for the holiday season. Thank you!

To  Schedule a Reading click the green "Schedule a Reading" button at the bottom of the screen.

Please note if the date and time you desire is grey then it has already been booked by an existing client. Unfortunately the office can not make any adjustments to the datebook. Please check back often to see if availability has changed.


How to prepare for your Turkish Coffee Reading

Leading up to your reading:

Remain relaxed. Relinquish any expectations, or specific answers you desire from the reading. The point is to enter your reading with an open mind and heart. 1-2 hours before your reading is the perfect time to set an intent through meditation. Relax your mind and body and focus on what you want to channel in your reading. After your meditation, let go and send your wishes off.   Stay positive and arrive with a clear head.

During the reading:

The less information given about you the better.  Sema works best with little to no background information. Let the symbols in the coffee grounds speak for themselves, you will be happily surprised. 


Cancellation Policy

When you schedule your reading online you will be charged in full. You can reschedule your appointment once (at no additional cost) as long as it is done  outside of 48hrs prior to the scheduled appointment.  However, If there is a no show or cancellation (within 48 hrs) your payment is then forfeited and deemed non refundable as per the cancellation / reschedule policy .


Reading Types

In Person Turkish Coffee Reading:  One on one or up to group of four.  The office is located in Queens, New York (address will be emailed to you upon scheduling your reading). Guests are invited in to sit with Sema and enjoy traditional Turkish Coffee. Angel cards or Mediterranean cards will be drawn (Sema's discretion) while you sip the coffee together. You will be asked to think about your question or wish while Sema channels the energies to find the message. Duration 45minutes per person.

Skype Coffee and Card Reading: Have your coffee and cards too.  All inclusive reading for the full Sema Bal experience. Have your cards read while you or Sema sips the traditional Turkish Coffee to reveal the message. Duration 1hr.

More about Skype Readings: please note if you are unable to get traditional Turkish Coffee Sema can drink coffee for you in the reading and relay your unique message. 


Please review our policy before booking a reading.