Sema Bal




In-Office Readings

Rates starting at $450/per person (1-4 people)

The office is located in Queens, New York (address will be emailed to you upon scheduling your reading). Guests are invited in to sit with Sema and enjoy traditional Turkish Coffee. Angel cards or Mediterranean cards will be drawn (based on your needs) while you sip the coffee together. You will be asked to think about your question or wish while Sema channels the energies to find your unique message. Group of 2 $900, group of 3 $1350, group of 4 $1800

Duration ~45 minutes per person.


Private Skype Readings

Rate $350/hr

From the comfort of your own home, have your coffee and cards too.  This is an all inclusive reading for those who do not have a party of 2 or cannot make it to Sema's office. Sema will begin the reading by connecting to your energy through some mindful meditation and "energy games" such as; what color do you see? 

Sema will brew and sip the traditional Turkish coffee to connect with your energy and channel your question. Revealing the message  and decoding the symbols from the grounds. If you have access to Turkish coffee you are invited to drink some during your session.

Tarot cards will also be pulled for a reading to answer any remaining questions you may have. 

Duration ~ 45 min per person

Event Readings

Rates starting at $700/hr + $200 fee (for travel & assistant) 

Sema has done event readings and for the likes of Rent the Runway, the UAE Embassy and more. To schedule please contact

Event readings include:

  • Set up and break down of materials

  • 1-2 assistants to help organize and schedule readings for your attendees

  • Text based virtual line so guests can enjoy the event while they wait their turn

  • Sema's specialty blend of Turkish Coffee

  • Turkish Coffee readings by Sema

  • Tarot card reading for an additional rate

Duration depending on group size ~ 5-10 min per person