Where is the office located?

Sema's office is located in Woodhaven, Queens. A short walk away from the  JZ stop at Woodhaven Blvd.  The address will be emailed to you after scheduling a reading.

I can't get to the office. Are there online readings?

We now offer virtual readings via Skype. To learn more please go to "Services" page to look over the reading and prices.

When will I be charged for my reading?

When you schedule your reading  you will be charged in full. You can reschedule your appointment once (at no additional cost) as long as it is done  outside of 48hrs prior to the scheduled appointment.  However, If there is a no show or cancellation (within 48 hrs) your payment is then forfeited and deemed non refundable as per the cancellation / reschedule policy .

Are gift certificates available?

Yes. Please contact Readings@Semabal.com to register and semabal.com/pay to complete your purchase.

Can I bring a guest to my reading?

You are allowed to bring someone to sit in with you while you get a reading, however if the person wants to receive a reading as well then you will need to schedule an appointment for them too. 

Do I need to bring a personal belonging for Sema to connect?

A physical item is not needed. 

Wait! You didn't answer my question.

Sorry about that. We're adding to this everyday. Please Contact us at Readings@Semabal.com with your question.