While we all have a destiny - part of which must be lived - we also have free will to choose paths that are more beneficial to us!
— Sema Bal

Sema Bal, author of “Lilith’s Awakening” (written under pen name Viktoria Ballavoski), The Secret of Coffee Grinds, and renowned coffee cup and tea leaf reader has been carrying on her ancestor’s gifts for over three decades. 

Combining her readings with two techniques: symbol translation and intuitive power, Sema is able to reveal how past and present weave into your future. The result is accurate and a helpful divination used for guidance, direction and answers to any questions you may have.


As seen on Bravo’s Real Housewife’s of New York, Sema prides herself on reading past, present, and future fortunes. When she turns over a cup of her specialty blend Turkish coffee, she can instantly begin to see detailed events or circumstances in a person’s life. Sometimes specific dates and names are seen, and oftentimes a loved ones spirit may also appear with a message.


The art of reading coffee cups has been a common practice for many centuries, often seen in many Balkan countries- as well as in Europe and in the Middle East. 

A good coffee reader will never ask you any questions regarding yourself. If they are truly gifted in reading Turkish coffee, they themselves will discuss your fortune through the symbols seen in the grind images. Others who do not hold the skill set will not be able to describe your individual circumstance.

The process by itself is simple- a group of people (typically women) gather around to drink some delicious Turkish coffee. Once empty, turn the cup over and place it onto a plate to allow the excess coffee residue to drip down. The coffee cup reader will then turn the coffee cup over and begin a reading by translating the symbols seen in the cup.