Bella NYC Magazine: Beyond The Brew, Seeing Further With Turkish Coffee Messenger Sema Bal

Picture having a coffee and gossip date with all your besties and then sprinkle in some knowledge about your future and that’s what you get when you sit for a reading with Turkish Coffee Messenger Sema Bal. Armed with her own personal blend of Turkish coffee in hand, Bal interprets the dregs of your coffee to read your past, present and future. The art of reading coffee has been in her family for generations and she, herself, has been doing this for over 30 years.

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Thought Catalog: A Turkish Coffee Reader Predicted My Pregnancy (And Andy Cohen’s Skin Cancer)

Is my boyfriend doomed to die in a motorcycle crash? Am I destined to develop early onset dementia? Is someone in my family secretly suffering from an undiagnosed terminal illness? If so, do I even want to know?

Taking Your Passions Further

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These are the questions rattling my brain on Saturday, November 26th as I travel from Manhattan to Queens to meet Sema Bal, the Turkish coffee reader known for accurately predicting future events in the lives of three cast members of The Real Housewives of New York.


The art of reading coffee cups has been practiced for centuries across the Middle East and many Balkan countries. Rooted in a combination of intuition and the translation of symbols, the process is relatively straightforward. Basically, you schedule an appointment with your local gifted coffee guru (an hour-long session with Sema costs $200), drink the highly caffeinated, muddy coffee she prepares for you, place your saucer atop your cup, swirl the little dish about, and then anxiously await the interpretation of any symbols that appear in the moist grounds left behind.

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Bravo: Can This Little Cup of Coffee Forecast Your Future?


Have a question or wish in mind at the beginning

Sema Bal asks that you think of a wish as you're sipping the coffee. When flipping the coffee cup onto the saucer, you'll hold the two together and turn the cup either clockwise or counterclockwise as you ask the question or make the wish. If you don't know what to ask, let your mind drift and somehow lead you to the right subject.

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Jewish Get the Read of your Life

Tapping into your future can be as simple as peeking into your leftover cup of joe, at least if you stop by New York’s most famous coffee fortune teller from Queens.

Sema Bal, a Turkish expat who moved to New York by way of Australia more than 20 years ago, made her first debut on television last year after being featured on the Bravo’s infamous “Real Housewives of New York.”

Since then, the gifted psychic has not only been visited by numerous clients from surrounding states, but has also been approached by major TV execs in hopes of launching a reality show.

“[Producers] approached me, but they wanted to include my kids,” Bal said. “But I don’t want to get my kids involved.”

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Sema Bal April Inspiradventure

For my April Inspiradventure, I decided to venture out of this world, a place actually deep within our mind and spirit. I decided to travel to the other side, beyond the stars. But I couldn’t do it alone.

Right off the J train, my mother and I scurried to Mrs. Bal’s home. I was nervous. A psychic? A Medium? I don’t believe in any of that, right? But a Turkish Coffee reader? I’ll bite! I originally saw her featured on The Real Housewives of New York City, and the curiosity overcame me. I decided to make an appointment. See what all of this was about. No expectations. But not objections. I walked right in.

Mrs. Bal greeted with a warm welcome! I was expecting a woman of great firmness, serious and mystifying in nature. Like she could read my whole life in my eyes, and she could see my demise as if I were simply a comic book of animation. Instead, she had such a positive vibe, and made me feel so comfortable. It was like I forgot what I was there for!

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