Where is the office located?
Sema's office is located in Woodhaven, Queens. A short walk away from the  JZ stop at Woodhaven Blvd.  The address will be emailed to you after scheduling a reading.

Will my card be charged when I schedule a reading?
Yes. When you schedule your reading online you will be charged in full. You can reschedule your appointment once (at no additional cost) as long as it is done  outside of 48hrs prior to the scheduled appointment.  However, If there is a no show or cancellation (within 48 hrs) your payment is then forfeited and deemed non refundable as per the cancellation / reschedule policy .

Do you do phone call or online readings?
At the moment Sema does not do any phone call or online readings due to heavy demand of in office appointments.

Can I purchase a gift certificate for someone?
Yes for gift  certificate please e-mail us at readings@semabal.com

How long is a Coffee Reading?
A coffee reading is about 45 minutes to an hour long per person

What is the process of the Cup reading?
When you first arrive Sema's specialty blend Turkish Coffee is freshly made for you. You will sit with Sema and do some tarot cards as you enjoy the coffee together. Many people have said  sitting with Sema is like hanging with an old friend you haven't seen in a while. Once you reach the coffee grounds or coffee mud you will flip the cup over and focus on your question or wish. Once it cools Sema will open the cup and read the images.  Sema is gifted in reading past, present, and future. Every reading is different. The cup reading is based on your energy so Sema urges everyone to come to her office with a clear open mind! The experience is definitely unique and one-of-a-kind. You will love it!

Do I need to bring something with me for her to connect to?
No it is not needed

How much is a coffee reading?
A coffee reading is $200.00 USD per person

Can I bring someone with me during my appointment?
You are allowed to bring someone to sit in with you while you get a reading, however if the person wants to receive a reading as well then you will need to schedule an appointment for them too. 


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